Super Bowl XLV money line; who will win?

25 Jan

I am amazed to find out this morning that Green Bay is the favorite in Super Bowl XLV.  They are definitely one of the hot teams right now, however, Pittsburgh arguably just beat the best team left in the playoffs.  Of course maybe my bias is getting a hold of me, but alas it matters no more as I  look to next year for vindication.  Now I get to root against the team that beat up my Jets, however, it does not mean that I won’t go ahead and place a bet against that same team.  That’s right – Pittsburgh is favored based on the stats and the stats don’t lie; although they are not always right!  In any case, here is a synopsis of team strength vs team strength:

Pittsburgh rushing attack #11 regular season versus Green Bay rush defense #18

Green Bay pass attack #5 regular season versus Pittsburgh pass defense #12

What does it all mean.  It means Pittsburgh’s rushing attack and clock control wins out and good luck to GB’s pass defense stopping Big Ben in motion.  Pitts has the recent Super Bowl experience, Green Bay has been absent too long.  The system gives Pitts the advantage with a little over 2 points, meaning Pittsburgh should be laying at least 2 points.  The fact that they are getting 3 is a no brainer.  The bottom line: take Pittsburgh with the points!  Let’s see if we can make it 12 wins and 5 losses to end a great season!!

Disclaimer:  Past results do not necessarily predict future results.  The system as explained above uses a system of sports statistics to analyze team data and compare the results.  The system in no way is expected to guarantee results or even yield a winning percentage.  You should only place bets with money that you can expect to lose.  All information herein is for entertainment purposes only.


2 Responses to “Super Bowl XLV money line; who will win?”

  1. McBrian February 7, 2011 at 3:15 pm #


  2. pokerexpress February 8, 2011 at 1:27 am #

    Yes, oops is right. Well, with any system, nothing is ever a gimme. The system did make the calls to bet on Green Bay during both the Wildcard and the Divisional round of the playoffs as they were the underdogs and the system picked them as the favorite. Pittsburgh gave up too many points in the first half and the deficit ended up being too much to overcome. I am always sad to see the football season come to and end, see you all in this section in Augsust!

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