My 2011 Kentucky Derby picks ~ Go Soldat!

6 May

2 more days til the 2011 Kentucky Derby!!


I am very excited and have ran the #’s with the proprietary Horse Helper for theDerby.  I cannot tell you the formulas because they are my secret, however, remember “numbers don’t lie”!!

 Here is a snapshot of the top 6 horses:

Horse name                      PP             M Line             HH score

Soldat                                    17                12/1                  297.99

Dialed In                                8                  4/1                   297.89

Uncle Mo                             18                  9/2                   294.99

Mucho Macho Man            13                 12/1                  285.16

Archarcharch                        1                 10/1                  284.26

Animal Kingdom                 16                 30/1                  281.22

 I like Soldat to win it all and his morning line of 12-1 is sitting real pretty with me.  I also like either an exacta box for the top 2 (there is a 9.83 difference between the third and fourth horses).  Another plan is to try a .20 Superfecta on the top four.   

 I love Animal Kingdom as a value pick.  The fact that he is 30-1 speaks volumes.  If this line holds up you are getting awesome value for a horse that could definitely place within the top 3.  I may place a bet on him to either Show or Place for better odds of hitting.

 Link to free past performances for 2011 Kentucky Derby:

Disclaimer:  The above are not recommendations but merely for entertainment purposes only.  Use your own judgement and never place a bet with money you cannot afford to lose.  The owner of this blog is not responsible for any money lost in wagering on the above ideas.


One Response to “My 2011 Kentucky Derby picks ~ Go Soldat!”

  1. pokerexpress May 9, 2011 at 10:39 am #

    Woot woot – Animal Kingdom was the winner, Nehro in 2nd, and Mucho Macho Man 3rd. Was a victory, however, I only had him to Show so didn’t win as much as I could have. Next time I get a value like this I will bet to W/P/S. Next stop, Pimlico Race Course!

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