Week 11 NFL bets

14 Nov

The total win-loss-tie ratio is 13-14-1.  We are almost at break even for the season with 7 weeks to go until the playoffs.  We need a little bit of a run to get back up to the last 2 seasons 60% win ratio.  Good luck!

Week 11 Spread diff TOTAL OFF SCORE Spread diff TOTAL OFF SCORE Vegas spread
Washington Redskins           –          6.66 Philadelphia Eagles         7.06      49.46 -3.5
New England Patriots           –       (29.13) Carolina Panthers         6.76      (0.35) -1
Atlanta Falcons           –       (12.39) Tampa Bay Buccaneers         7.02        5.21 1.5


Disclaimer:   Past results do not necessarily predict future results.  The system as explained above uses a system of sports statistics to analyze team data and compare the results.  The system in no way is expected to guarantee results or even yield a winning percentage.  You should only place bets with money that you can expect to lose.  All information herein is for entertainment purposes only.


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