2014 Super Bowl Box Odds

Note that the first box carries the odds to win based on the % of time that the score hit AFC vertically and NFC horizontally.  So for instance, the NFC 4 and the AFC 1, happened a total of 2 times in the past 44 super bowls or a percentage of 1.14%.  Of those two times since there is 1 asterisk, it was the final score once.  The asterisks represent how many times that score hit for the final game ending score.  This is updated through Super Bowl XLIV (the 2010 Superbowl).

The second box carries the odds to win straight-up, not taking into account the AFC and NFC.  As you can see the percentages are the same regardless if you are looking up, say a 7 horizontally and a 0 vertically versus a 0 horizontally and a 7 vertically.

Good luck!!

For great step by step information on creating Superbowl boxes and the formats of 100, 50 and 25 box sheets click on this link:



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